Sunday, August 2, 2015

Process, Printing, Pipers and Prattle.


Welcome to this week's update of "Saturday" (the book). If this whole kit and caboodle is new to you, "Saturday" is an illustrated book about the McGreevy family, a trying voyage through a week in which all manner of turbulence and frustration pile up on said family, and their roundabout way back to smooth sailing.

If the term "kit and caboodle" is new to you, it means a collection of small items. This has been learning anachronistic colloquialisms, with Noah Kroese.

Oh, wait. I can't wrap it up there. I have more things to tell you.

The final files have been sent to the printer. It doesn't feel real, exactly. Granted, there's a possibility that some problem will be found and I'll have to make a change or two and upload the files again, but the book is more or less done. Now all I have to do is wait for the proof. And put together the second Kickstarter campaign.

This involves all sorts of odds and ends, some little and some big. I know I did this once before, but I literally remember about 11% of the process of putting together the first campaign, so my previous experience isn't exactly helpful. It feels like applying for a job as an adult and using high school job experience on the resume.

Interviewer: "It says here you once had a job digging ditches and then filling them back in."
Me: "Uh...yeah, that sounds right."
Interviewer: "So...can you tell me about that experience?"
Me: "....Not really. I think the metal part of the shovel goes into the ground and you hold on to the stick end of the shovel. The whatchacallit...the handle, that's it."

Interviewer: ".....Welcome aboard!"

At any rate, it's looking more like late-August for the launch of the second campaign. You might be thinking: "Haven't you already pushed the date back a couple of times?" Yes, but there's a lot to do and I don't want to put together something slipshod. I also basically have to learn to shoot and edit all over again. At least for the purposes of this small video.

If my pushing back the finishing date of a project is starting to sound eerily familiar, well...good news! I can only push back the date so many times because eventually the printer pipers will need to be paid. Also, isn't there something comforting about someone so obstinately consistent? In this crazy world of fast-moving technology and ever-changing political and social landscapes, isn't it nice to have someone you can count on to be slow and predictable?


Yeah, me either. But I tried.

Anyway, enough blathering. Here's a thing to look at:

This is what a panel looks like from start to finish. This one is from page 27. What does this have to do with all that gobbledygook above? Um...they're tangentially related...I guess. It's from "Saturday" and...uh...other things. Mostly, I think it's a cool panel. And "Saturday" is, in my opinion, filled with cool panels. And I want you to be curious enough to support the next Kickstarter campagin.

The campaign that's coming.


And now I'll stop talking.


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