Saturday, January 11, 2014


Good morning (or good whenever-you-happen-to-be-reading-this).

Welcome to the latest update of "Saturday" the book, hot off the digital presses.  It was Wednesday morning when we last checked in with the McGreevy family.  It hasn't exactly been a stellar week for anyone.  India's creative slump and consequent depression continue to haunt her like the crab cakes at a Chinese buffet.  Efforts to cheer her up are ongoing:

Meanwhile, India's parents, Fred and Elizabeth, have been knee deep in the quagmire of a fight about nothing much in particular.  And now that fight is just sitting there, stewing inside them and causing problems.  Like the crab cakes at a Chinese Buffet.

Earlier in the day, Fred tried to patch things up with a romantic gesture.  Unfortunately, sometimes cleaning up a mess means making a bigger mess in the process:

Cleanup is rarely fun.  Particularly if the mess is a formidable one.  Sometimes the only thing to do is roll up your sleeves, grab the dish on top of the pile, and start scrubbing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some dishes to put away.


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  1. Doing the dishes can sometimes be one of the most romantic gestures. :) I love this! Thanks so much for sharing so much for your process. Can't wait for the book!