Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bros don't know.

Howdy, Pardners.

Welcome back to the "Saturday" update.  This week, we're dropping in on the McGreevy family's Thursday evening, which happens to be drenched in rain and metaphor (and so, too, will this update).

If you're having a bad week, Thursday is probably the darkest hour (being just before the dawn and all).  You've been in the grind of work and school and life and chores for four days, and not one of those days has gone particularly well.  If you grind for long enough you're probably going to grind yourself right down into a rut.

Here's what it looked like the first time we took a gander at Thursday night:

For me, the grind is seldom (if ever) fun.  Every day involves a certain amount of life maintenance stuff that just has to be done, and no amount of that Pollyanna positive thinking garbage is going to make it enjoyable.  "Maybe if I just tell myself how much fun it will be to clean soggy food out of the kitchen sink, I'll start to enjoy the feeling of water-logged rice and onion bits on my fingers!"


If you add a stupid fight with your significant other onto the top of that pile of obnoxious maintenance stuff, you're in for a real crap Thursday.  Of course, it didn't have to be this way for Fred and Elizabeth.

I think most fights (most of the fights I've ever had, anyway) can be sewn up pretty quickly if you just learn to ignore your own pride.  He's like one of those obnoxious bystanders who wants to see a good fight and will do and say every helpful thing he can to bring that fight to fruition.  The minute it looks like there's going to be trouble, he starts talking.  And it NEVER makes things better.  It's always along the lines of:

-"Dude, what did she mean by THAT?"
-"You gonna take that?  I wouldn't."
-"You didn't do anything wrong here.  It was HER fault and now she's trying to blame YOU for it."
-"C'mon bro.  Let's bail.  We don't need her."

And if you listen to that dude, you're going to end up hanging out with him.  And he's a loser.  He seemed like he had your back in the fight, but he didn't.  And now that it's just you and him, you've started to notice that he says nothing but obnoxious, stupid things, he wears cargo shorts all year round, and his visor is on upside down and backwards.  Oh, and his stupidity is contagious.  Hang out with him long enough and you're going to take a 18 point hit to your IQ.  He'll make a problem for you and then leave you stuck in that problem:

So, the moral is: No matter how much sense that bro makes when you're in the thick of it, don't listen to him.  Unless you WANT to end up drinking Coors Light, watching reruns "Pawn Stars", and wondering why you listened to him in the first place.


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