Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint were bored, too...

Good Morrow, Gentlefolk!

Verily, it is excellent to once again bring you the weekly update of "Saturday" the book.  This week is kind of a continuation of sorts.  You see, you've caught me.  Remember how I was telling you a while back that eventually my-once-per-week posts would catch up with my far-fewer-than-once-per-week page finishing ability?  Well, guess what?  I'm slowly but surely continuing to not finish one page per week, so...

I suppose we'll just sit here and stare at each other awkwardly?

Or I could just post more sketches, drawings and panels from already completed pages.  Which would you prefer, awkward staring or the other thing?  The other thing?  Ok, suit yourself.  But you're easy on the eyes, so if you ever want to choose the awkward staring option, just let me know.

So, like I said, this panel is also from page 30.  If you remember from last week, India was being spirited away to a secret destination, though she was told by her parents she was being abandoned at the pound.

The real destination (one of several scheduled for Sunday) turns out to be this:

Do you remember your family trips from when you were a kid?  My family took several to South Dakota.  There were grandparents there.  And also Mount Rushmore.  But think of all the attractions to visit in South Dakota BESIDES Mount Rushmore.  No, seriously.  I need you to think of some.  Because I can't think of any.

But the trips were fun anyway.  Every red-blooded American kid longs to see the visitor's center where they filmed parts of "North by Northwest".

This sign is actually based on the sign in front of our local historical society.  By the by, you should support your local historical society.  They provide an educational and entertaining window into our collective past.

This message paid for by the Historical Society Association Mafia of America.


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