Monday, April 29, 2013

Slow ahead. I can go slow ahead.

Time Frame: Just at the opening credits.
Amount of Book Complete:  I did the math.  Based on an average number of frames per page, including pages that aren't yet complete, one of these photos adds up to 0.02% of the book.

Before I started this one, I was thinking of locations other than India's house where she might find herself.  The beach came to mind.  I figured India wasn't the type of little girl to imagine herself as a mermaid or to build sand castles.  But what would she do?  Well, she would probably play "Jaws".  Most little girls have a deep and abiding admiration of Roy Scheider, right?

I knew this scene would be a great example of India's odd inner life.  I also knew it would be crazy fun to draw.  Here are several of the initial sketches:

As you can see, I was experimenting with composition and camera angles in the first layouts. Sometimes layout sketches aren't so easy.  Not like going down the pond and chasin' bluegills and tommycod.  But eventually, after chumming for the right sketch for what seemed like forever, I found the right one.

And this here's what it looked like finished:

Aside from the concept (because just about anything "Jaws" related is great.  Except, of course, for the sequels), I like that the typical roles of India and her doll are reversed in this scene.  I also like that her doll is wearing Quint's hat (it's oily with the bill sharply creased in the middle), I like her water wings even though she's on shore, and I like the fact that the guy in the background is sunburned.

So much fun.


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