Thursday, April 25, 2013

Left my cake out in the rain. And I'll never want that recipe again.

Time Frame: Still in the concept phase (just starting the book)
Amount of Book Complete: 1% or less.

During the course of most long term projects (the ones I've worked on, anyway) there are almost always parts of those projects that don't make the cut.  Ideas, drawings, designs, etc.  There are all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes the story changes and a panel is no longer needed.  Sometimes it's a matter of space (like with the French Revolution photo).

With this one, though, it was because I REALLY didn't like this drawing.  And still don't.

The idea behind it was fine.  Ultimately, I think the other photo concepts are more imaginative and interesting, but that wasn't a deal breaker.  The drawing makes me cringe, though.  I was still experimenting somewhat with her character design and India's features are just crazy looking in this version.  Her face is too round, her mouth is too wide, and her eyes make her look twitchy and high strung.

I like the depth of the color, but that's about it.  I've never been sorry I left this one out.  In fact, don't even read this.  If you've already read it...well, shoot.  Maybe if I gave you something else to think about.  Like Funfetti cake.

Yes.  Think about Funfetti cake instead of this lousy drawing.

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