Sunday, June 7, 2015

In Brief


Short post this week. I mean, not that anyone could possibly get tired of these wordy, meandering updates wherein I reveal yet again that the book is not done. (Spoiler alert: The book isn't done.) I imagine these are about as entertaining as a cover of a Human League song played on Harpsichord and Bagpipe. And, after this much time, probably as welcome in your inbox as a phishing scam.

Dear Persons,

I am a represent of large totally-not-fake bank in other country. We haves book for your reading pleasure and financial good, but book is stuck in bureaucratic problems. Please wire all the moneys to ensure the transfer of valuable book to your hands.


Dr. President Trustworthy

Seems legit, right?

Anyhoo, progress report: Editing page 20 at the moment. Editing will completed by the August 1st printing deadline. The arrangements have been made with the printing company. The second Kickstarter campaign will be sometime in July (or early August at the latest). Right now, I'm focusing solely on the edits and I'll move on the business of the Kickstarter campaign when they're done, like an OCD kid who eats all the chicken, then all the potatoes, then all the vegetables. There will be no mixing or variance in the order of things, he said rocking back and forth in his chair.

That's alls I gots. Lots of work in front of me, but we're getting there. And in the not too distant future, Saturday will actually be available. Not a ton of copies, but good-quality. And a decade's worth of work.

In the meantime, here's one of the panels I edited recently:


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