Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yakkity-yak, please talk back.

Oh, hi.

Welcome to this edition of the "Saturday" update. If you've inadvertently stumbled on this page after searching the vast, savage jungles of the interwebs whilst looking for something else, here's the skinny: This is a weekly update of "Saturday", which is an illustrated book about an imaginative little girl named India McGreevy, her equally imaginative and somewhat neurotic parents, and a crummy week wherein everyone's patience and imagination is tested.

And speaking of everyone's patience being sorely tested, if you're one of the saintly people who not only helped the Kickstarter campaign to succeed but also stuck around for this long, thank you. I'm going to do something a little different this week: I'm going to invert the proportion of yakkity-yak to drawing. Usually, it's lots of the former and a smidgen of the latter. Not so much this week.

A quick update: The editing process is starting to pick up steam and I'm working on the last few pages that will need moderate editing (as I get deeper into the book, the pages need fewer edits). Which means the editing is getting close to being done. As far as publishing goes: I heard from another agent who said what I had heard from several other sources: "Saturday" doesn't exactly fit neatly into any particular category and as such, can't be easily sold by publishers.

So it looks like I'll be printing and selling the book all by my lonesome. I'm still considering running another Kickstarter campaign. Only this one would be for a lot less money and the book would be one of the rewards. I don't know yet, though. I feel weird about asking people for money again. It's a pride thing. Everyone was already so generous. But another campaign would theoretically (if it succeeded) speed up the printing process exponentially because you wouldn't have to wait for me to save the Benjamins. So, if you have an opinion, please chime in and let me know. If enough people want me to move ahead, I'll do it.

Ok. Even that was too much yakkity-yak. How about an entire page to wash out the taste of all that chatter:

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