Sunday, March 1, 2015

Introductions all around.


Welcome to the latest edition of the "Saturday" update, wherein you'll get all the news that's fit to print about the graphic novel/illustrated book of the same name. It's usually a brisk stroll through a forest of metaphors and colloquialisms. It's also pretty much straight from the horse's mouth.

If you're just joining us, having stumbled onto this page accidentally whilst combing the internet for articles about the band "The Saturdays", covers of "The Saturday Evening Post", or clips of Saturday morning cartoons (and you haven't immediately left after furiously screaming, "This ain't the $#@&% 'Thundercats'!"), let me lay it on you:

"Saturday" is a book about a creative, sarcastic little girl named India McGreevy. When India's creativity is poked, prodded and taunted into submission by a dismal week, it takes her parents, a tattooed mechanic with a prosthetic leg, and the world's largest crocodile to put things back into perspective.

Actually, you know what? I drew an introduction that probably says it just as well:

This will go right at the beginning of the book. Originally, I just jumped right in to the story, but I thought this page would be a good primer on India. Also it's fun to look at, which is a big part of the show here. My favorite part is probably the panel with India and the evil robot, which has been manufactured by Powell and Sons Quality Evil Robots Company.

So, moving right along to the Progress Report:

I've just started what is probably the last page that will need major edits. Many pages after this one (page 10 for those of you keeping track at home) will need small edits here and there, but nothing as substantial as this one. So the subtext here is that the pace of edits should move at a good clip after this page is wrapped up.

As for the agent and publisher search: Well, it continues. I've sent out a lot of query letters at this point and the response (when there's been one at all), has been brief and "no". I think part of the problem is that "Saturday" doesn't fit neatly into any category. It's kind of a combination of a kids' book and a graphic novel. It's also more complex than most children's books. There's humor and references in it that some (maybe most) kids wouldn't understand right away. I always thought of that as a positive. My favorite kind of art (books, movies, music) is the kind that I can revisit as I age and take new meaning away every time. I'm not sure if "Saturday" succeeds in this respect, but it was an aspirational goal.

All of that was on purpose. And I figured these elements would make the book more attractive. But publishing is a business, not an art gallery. And, again based on my limited understanding of the publishing world, publishers like books that fit nicely into categories. That way they know whom to market to and how to market to them.

Long story long, I may end up printing this myself after all. And the cost will, an amount that makes an illustrator like myself reach for his bottle of Tums (well, his bottle of "Off Brand Val-U Antacids", anyway). I'm considering running another Kickstarter campaign for the printing costs, but I don't know yet. Honestly, I would feel bad about asking for money again. I already did it once and I was astonished and humbled that you supported the book. The original campaign allowed me to work on the book nearly full time for several years. God only knows how long it would have taken otherwise. But saving the money for printing on my own may take a while, and I'm impatient to get the book to you. I haven't made any decisions yet.

Suffice it to say, I'mma get you this book.

And once again, thank you for being awesome.


P.S.: I redesigned the "Saturday" website: Take a look around if you're up for it.

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