Sunday, January 4, 2015

All American Rejections

Hello there!

Welcome to the post-holiday update of "Saturday" the book. If you're anything like me, you're currently sitting in the glazed over, half-lidded malaise induced by a powerful combination of holiday foods, beverages and cold medicines and desperately trying to remember how to do your job before Monday rolls around.

There's bound to be an arm's length list of obligations that was growing like mold in an unwashed lunchbox while we all tried to enjoy each others' company on a brief respite from employment. So why not add one more? Here's something to read. You're welcome.

Fortunately, there isn't a whole lot to share in order to bring you up to speed. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to employ brevity to do so.  As far as the drawing of "Saturday" goes, I'm still working on edits.

Oh, look: Here are some now:

The editing process is picking up speed. After some initial heaving and straining, it's moving at a decent clip. Any day now it will get ahead of me, roll out of control down a steep embankment, and tear through some unsuspecting hamlet of unedited panels.

The search for an agent and publisher is going at a decidedly slower pace, however. Good news, though! I've received two, count 'em, TWO responses from agencies! They were both rejections, but they felt like victories to me. It means that my query letters are actually being received and (theoretically) read by someone instead of going out into the ether and dying like the sad pleas of a lonely kid talking into a tin-can and string phone with no one at the other end.

If it seems like a disheartening process, it is. If you think I'm even the slightest bit discouraged by it, I ain't. I often tell people it takes a healthy amount of stubborn and stupid to be a freelance illustrator. Well, the stubborn/stupid multi-tool I use for freelance illustration can also be employed in the search for an agent and publisher. It's like a Swiss Army knife. Along with the stubborn knife and the stupid screw driver, it also has a set of unrealistic hopes tweezers, an overly-optimistic toothpick that I lost years ago, and a bottle opener. I plan to use every single tool during this search. Particularly the bottle opener.

So fear not.


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