Sunday, September 28, 2014

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing.


Welcome to the latest update of "Saturday" the book, which is brought to you by Dent Brand Toothpaste, the super-whitening toothpaste for men.  If you're a gent, use Dent.*

*Keep away from pregnant women, regular women, and children.

It's not going to come as a surprise to anyone who reads these regularly that I'm still in the editing process and will be for...let's just say for a little while.  I'm actually working on page three.  It's the usual deal: updating the characters, sharpening up drawings here and there, typing the same phrase over and over again into my Selectric while my long-suffering wife actually does the winter maintenance of the Overlook hotel AND makes dinner every night.

Wait, never mind.  That's from "The Shining".

But I am working on page three.  This page is probably going to need the most editing of any of the pages.  Mostly because it's the very first page I drew in the book.  That would have been at least six years ago.  I've had quite a bit of drawing practice since then and while I think the story is still sound, the craftsmanship needs some gussying up.

Much like looking into the sky and seeing the light of a star who's flame has long since extinguished, looking at this page is like looking back through time.  I can just make out a younger, naive version of myself looking at the page and brimming with the enthusiasm of an infomercial host showing off the latest innovation in non-stick footware.  That version of me is thinking something profoundly stupid like, "At this rate, I'd bet I'll be finished with this book in a year or so!"


But I kept at it even after I realized I had bitten off...well, a lot.  Not more than I could chew, but here I am six or seven years later and I'm still chewing.  But I can see the bottom of the plate now.  I'm pretty much just mopping up the rest of the entree with a piece of bread at this point.  Once the plate is clean, all I have to do is find a publisher who's willing to..uh..actually, I'm not sure I know how to continue this metaphor and doing so might make everyone throw up in their mouths a little bit, so I'm going to stop.

Anyhoo, speaking of page three, here's one of the original panels:

And here's what the edited version looks like:

Not too shabby, eh?  Well, I think it's an improvement, anyway.


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