Monday, August 11, 2014

The Once and Future India


Been waiting all week with bated breath for the latest update of "Saturday" the book?  Well, grab some mints and wait no more, 'cause this update has come a-round the mountain and pulled into the station of your inbox.

I'm still chipping away at the edits to the first page.  Like I said, the earlier pages will need a decent amount of revision.  I've been working on "Saturday" for like, a million years.  Back then I did much of my drawing in caves by the flickering light of this newfangled technology called fire.  Anyhoo, even though I always drew to the best of my abilities, a million years of practice has helped me improve somewhat.

Drawing technology has also improved in that time; cave walls smoother, charcoal blacker, and fires brighter.  Consequently, my drawings are different than they were back in the day.

Case in point:

This is a drawing of India from one of the first pages:

Not bad, but not exactly how India looks on the last page.  In the beginning, India had super pale skin, bigger glasses, and sharper features.  And this wasn't even the first model of India.  If you want to see how her look developed, check this out.  There are some really ugly ones in there.

Here's what India looks like today:

I suppose you could say that India and I have both done a bit of growing up in the last million years.  Actually, don't say that.  In fact, unread that last sentence.  What a bunch of treacle.  That sounds like something you'd read in Parade magazine.  India has changed visually, but her character is the same.  And I've gotten marginally better at drawing, but I certainly haven't grown up any.

Thank goodness.


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