Sunday, May 4, 2014

Slow ride. Take it easy.

Hiya, "Saturday" diehards.

Welcome to the latest update of "Saturday", the book that's barreling toward you like a glacier stuck in molasses.  SO slow.

This week's update comes from page 28, wherein the remainder of Saturday (the day, not the book) is coming to a close.  The sun has set on a day in which chance encounters, odd occurrences, and general hijinks have helped to rinse the unpleasant aftertaste of the previous week from India's mouth.  And some pretty crazy stuff had to happen in order to get rid of the taste of said week.  It was like eating a curried onion.  And a side of smoked salmon.  With garlic sauce.

What do you do when you've had a rough go of a week?  I find nothing rinses the taste of a bad week from my mouth better than a martini.  Martinis are the parsley of the soul.  Or like one of those stainless steel bars of soap you can use to get the smell of garlic and onion off of your fingers after you've been chopping them up.

Of course, martinis aren't for everyone.  Especially if you're underage.  Kids: Martinis are only for sensible adults.  There.  That's my public service announcement for this week.  I'll ask my parole officer if that counts.

There are a bevy of other activities that can act as a balm after a particularly bruising week: a walk outside, a nice dinner, spending time with friends, petting a dog.  Petting a happy dog makes me feel better because I can look at the dog and realize they're not thinking of anything past how much they're enjoying the attention.  Dogs don't hold on to things.  The only bad taste in their mouth is going to be from something awful they've just eaten.  But even that doesn't seem to bother them too much.  They ate it in the first place, after all.

This hasn't turned out to be a particularly coherent update, has it?

I'm still working on pages 33 and 34.  If you can believe it, they're going even slower than the previous pages.  There's more detail in these pages.  And also I want them to be phenomenal (or as good as I can make them, at any rate).  I'd like these pages to leave you with the best possible taste in your mouth.

Maybe it's overly optimistic, but I'd like these pages to do act as a kind of balm themselves.  After thinking about the glacial pace at which "Saturday" is being completed and yelling, "What in the holy *&%#@ is taking so long?!?", I'd like you to turn to these pages, take them in for just a moment, and say,

"Oh.  That's why it took so long.  Ok."

But we'll see.



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