Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Best Vice


Welcome to this week's update of "Saturday" the book.  If you're just joining us, "Saturday" is a book about a creative little girl named India McGreevy, her parents (Fred and Elizabeth), and the rotten week in which they've all been stuck for what feels like forever.

Fortunately, it's now Saturday afternoon in the book.  The previous week is now no more than an unpleasant memory and a bad taste in everyone's mouth.  Basically the way you would feel if you'd just eaten at a Skippers.  But things are starting to look up a bit.  India has been wandering around her neighborhood, where it turns out there are some interesting people:

Of course, not everything is la vie en rose.  India in particular is still feeling some lingering spiritual indigestion from her week at Skippers.  A problem that takes a week to create is rarely solved by a couple of hours' worth of walking around talking to weirdos and strangers.

On the bright side, some of those strangers have been pretty helpful, offering advice and whatnot.  They say that the worst vice is advice, but I disagree completely.  If someone has already been through what you're going through now, why wouldn't you listen to what they have to say?

I've received sage advice from complete strangers on a number of occasions.  Usually, said advice is in the form of directions or food recommendations.  But once in a while the advice covers more serious topics like thread counts, face tattoos, or bail bondsmen (you might be surprised at how often those three pieces of advice come from the same person).

Once time I was in a Rite Aid and an elderly woman told me: "Don't get old.  It isn't any fun."  Now, in some respects, I'm sure she's right.  I don't plan on taking her advice, but it's nice that she's prepared me for the not-funnness of getting old.  Life experience is pretty valuable stuff, so I always listen carefully when an elderly person offers advice.

Particularly about thread counts, face tattoos, or bail bondsmen.


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