Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mustard?!? Let's not be SILLY. Now LEMON, that's different.


Welcome to the skinny on "Saturday" the book.

If you're just joining us on these updates, "Saturday" is a book about a (normally) creative little girl named India McGreevy, the frustrating week that leaves India and her family in a bit of a rut, and their attempts to climb back out of said rut.

It's Saturday morning at this point in the book, and India has just ventured outside begrudgingly.

Have I mentioned how much I love details?  Mostly, that's because I think details are fun and interesting.  It's visual candy.  But more than that, I think details can help to make a story more convincing.  They can make a story richer.  And I think they also show a level of care and respect for the audience.

Allow me to explain with an odd comparison:

Have you ever gone to a fancy restaurant or hotel?  (Being an illustrator, I'm of course familiar with only the finest of establishments.  Places where elderly, starched gentlemen in white gloves are constantly offering me jars of classy mustard.)  I tend to notice the details in places like this.  Someone has taken the time to think about every part of the experience.  And it's nice to feel that someone has taken that time for your benefit.

Well, in this case, I'm the well-starched guy offering you the fanciest mustard I can make.  Granted, sometimes that mustard recipe calls for puns that mix Bob Marley and Herman Melville:

I guess my point is this: I'm having a crazy amount of fun making this book.  But it isn't just for me.  I think constantly about what it will be like when you're turning the pages of this book and looking at every panel.  I hope I can make that happen soon.  I hope you notice the details.

And I really, really hope you like mustard.


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