Monday, July 15, 2013

The Universe Wants Your Lunch Money...

Most of the time, you have one bad day and it's uncomfortable and crappy.  But it passes and you shake it off and move ahead, doing your best to forget about that bad blip on the radar of your life.
If you have two bad days in a row, it feels like a really bad coincidence.  Three, and it can start to feel like the universe is picking on you.

Well, it's now Wednesday in India McGreevy's world, and the universe is starting to look like that kid who used to call you "porkie".  You know the one.  He had a mustache when he was eight years old.  The universe is super old.  You would expect a little more maturity.

Nonetheless, the universe bully seems to have picked India McGreevy out of the herd this week and given her special attention: Rain, awful school lunches, school lessons that will just NEVER be applicable anywhere in real life, and the dreaded principal's office for wayward children.

Why don't the fun weeks last this long?

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