Monday, June 24, 2013

The Monday Evening Report

"Saturday" begins (perhaps ironically) on Sunday afternoon.  We've just seen some of what the first half of Monday looks like: alarm clocks are resented, breakfast is eaten, teeth are brushed, buses are taken to school and cars to work, etc.

On this page (page five for those keeping track at home), we're looking in on Monday evening.  India's home from school.  Dinner is on the table at the usual time:

When pretty much every day looks the same, you can fall into a routine.  Routines can be boring or frustrating or comforting, depending on the week.  Sometimes it can be scary if part of your routine changes unexpectedly.  Particularly if the part that changes involves someone you love unexpectedly not showing up for dinner.

I think I've mentioned before how much I love detail, but it's worth mentioning over and over again because it's such a driving force behind this book.  I wanted this book to be something you could read again and again and be able to see new things each time.  Here are a few of the details in these panels I love:

1.) The towel on the oven door.  It has ducks on it.  We always had towels hanging from the oven door handle in our house when I was growing up (it's something I still do).  I'm not sure why.  But it makes it feel like home to me.

2.) Photos on the walls.  Sassy appears to run in the family.

3.) India's sitting on a stack of books so she can get a better angle on her spaghetti.

We're just barely beginning to see what life is like for the McGreevy Family.  It's going to be an interesting week for them.  For some of them, it's going to be boring and stifling.  For some, it'll be infuriating and dramatic.  It's going to be frustrating for all of them at different times.

And (hopefully), it's going to be fun for you.


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